Welsh Milk



For Our Members

Our service provides members with a system that is transparent and as simple as possible. Llaeth Cymreig knows that farmers don’t need overly complicated tariffs and payment systems.

We aim to keep our members informed so they can plan for the future. We keep our milk statements and payments simple, so the farmer can get on with production. We pay based on quality instead of a complex formula, or complicated pricing systems. Farmer friendly and ready to help – we’re available to talk, and can offer guidance and support in confidence.

We’re looking for best working practice, and a readiness to adapt to future challenges. We’re working for the dairy farmer, so our farmers can do what they do best – producing high standard local Welsh milk.

Investing in People

John JonesJohn Jones is a dairy farmer in Nantgaredig, Carmarthenshire. He’s one of our members, and well known to many as an agricultural contractor. John’s son works with him at the farm.

Llaeth Cymreig wants to provide a future for dairy farmers and their families in West Wales. We understand dairy farmers because we are dairy farmers.

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