Welsh Milk


The Importance Of Milk In The Diet

Milk Products are Without Question an Important Part of a Healthy Diet

Milk and milk products naturally provide 15 essential nutrients for normal growth and for the maintenance of good health. Milk and dairy products provide a quick and easy way of supplying these nutrients to the diet with relatively few calories.

The Importance Of Milk In The Diet

Milk, cheese and yogurt are all rich in the following beneficial nutrients:

  • Calcium – for healthy bones and teeth.
  • Phosphorous – for energy release
  • Magnesium – for muscle function
  • Protein – for growth and repair
  • Vitamin B12 – for production of healthy cells
  • Vitamin A – for good eyesight and immune function
  • Zinc – for immune function
  • Riboflavin – for healthy skin
  • Folate – for production of healthy cells
  • Vitamin C – for formation of healthy connective tissues.

Casein, a protein found only in milk, contains all of the essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscles.

One glass of milk alone can make a significant contribution to the daily recommended intake of many important nutrients for all age groups.

These nutrients in milk help make it nature’s most nearly perfect food.

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