Welsh Milk


Our Future

Llaeth Cymreig continues to grow sustainably, without growing for growth’s sake. Growth is managed for the benefit of our members.

We work hard so that the dairy farmers of West Wales get a fair price for their milk, whilst ensuring competitive prices to our milk customers.

The Llaeth Cymreig tankers parked up for the night
Dairy farmers start learning from a young age in a family business.

We encourage and support young dairy farmers, who are maintaining and renewing our traditional family farms. For generations, these dairy farms have played a vital role in rural communities.

Llaeth Cymreig is dedicated to ensuring a profitable and sustainable future for all our members, and to building a strong foundation for our local milk producers and local dairy companies of the future.

The dairy farmers of West Wales have been producing wholesome local milk for generations – in a modern world we’re planning for future generations of dairy farmers.

Together we are stronger and building for the future – it’s what we do!


Llaeth Cymreig Cyfyngedig, Nantegryd, Capel Dewi, Llandysul, SA44 4RD
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