Welsh Milk


Company Profile

Rather than aiming for rapid expansion, Llaeth Cymreig aims to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the company for its members. We aim to ensure that we can best meet the needs of the farmers we represent.

This means that any new members of Llaeth Cymreig have to fit the profile of the company and understand our ethos. Our commitment is to our farmers, and to the future of Welsh local milk producers.

The Llaeth Cymreig tankers parked up for the night

Llaeth Cymreig employs local drivers for our own fleet of tankers. We provide a cost efficient and reliable transport and transfer service, investing in our fleet and fast efficient milk transfer technology.

As a local point of contact for the supplier, we reduce costs and reduce transport pollution. We are committed to high standards of efficiency and sustainability – we get the milk to market for the best price we can get.

What we save we give back to our farmers – investing in the future of our local milk producers.

Llaeth Cymreig Cyfyngedig, Nantegryd, Capel Dewi, Llandysul, SA44 4RD
Tel: 01559 363224
Mon 16 Jul 2018 13:09:49