Welsh Milk


Welsh Milk It's What We Do!

Llaeth Cymreig (Welsh Milk) belongs to the farmers who supply our milk. As a co-operative, the company has aimed for responsible growth, striving to improve efficiency in supply and profitability for the dairy farmer.

Many of our farms are family-run, and the sustainability of local dairy production in the future is our main concern.

We collect the milk from the farms in our own fleet of tankers, liaising and working with suppliers and hauliers, to ensure the efficient delivery of fresh wholesome Welsh milk.

Milk is supplied to fresh milk and dairy processing companies, locally and nationally. Fresh milk and cream is supplied throughout West Wales through local dairies.

The Llaeth Cymreig tankers parked up for the night
Our cows graze the hills and valleys of West Wales.

Family Farm Friendly

Reliable service with a family ethos – that’s the essence of Llaeth Cymreig. Our milk and dairy customers require a reliable and competitive service.

What we do is liaise between the farmer and the milk customer, ensuring that our farmers’ collective achieves best value for the product for each of our farmers. We are always interested to hear from new customers who want fresh Welsh milk from local Welsh farms.

If you are a dairy farmer in the three counties area who would like to know more about joining us, please get in touch.


Llaeth Cymreig Cyfyngedig, Nantegryd, Capel Dewi, Llandysul, SA44 4RD
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